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I love to work my intentions around acronyms.  The descriptive words I choose are precise and to the point and by the end of class there is usually no doubt as to what my message was for that day.  presenting yoga in a format that is available to every BODY and these traits apply not just for the physical body, but the emotional body and the spiritual body.  You can not change one with out having an effect on the other.

Resilience, Endurance Flexibility and Strength

Resilience, Endurance Flexibility and Strength

8 copyEveryBODY can become more resilient, while also increasing endurance, flexibility and strength. Remembering that yoga is a practice and that we are not striving to express yoga the way our neighbor or teacher may express it, but in a way that is healing and safe for our own body, mind and spirit.

Resilient for the physical body means to be able to spring back into shape after bending, stretching or being compressed.

For the emotional body this can be expressed as recovering quickly form difficult situations.

Endurance for the physical body is the ability to exert energy for growing periods of time

For the emotional body this can be expressed in persistence, commitment and staying power.

Flexibility is easy as this is the physical ability to move towards bending and moving to our full ROM.

In the Emotional body this can present with the ability to be able to adapt and change to the roller coaster of life.

Strength of body Mind and spirit combine to help create a longer fuller and happier life.

If we can remember to keep this as the foundation of Yoga for Today’s Athlete, not the gymnastic acrobatics, then we can successful bring yoga to EveryBODY, EveryMIND and EverySPIRIT, meeting them where they are today.

No intimidation, no body shame, just the idea of creating a healthier way of being in this our physical body, today.

With this in mind how might your yoga expression change from the moment you step onto your mat?