What is your Yoga Expression?

What is your Yoga Expression?
What is your Yoga Expression?
What does your yoga expression look like?
I am frustrated daily by yoga magazines and studios that focus on the physical yoga expresssion of lean, limber “yoga” Body. The teachers who are always posting their yoga expression in pictures of them doing what I conciser to be acrobatics, not yoga. Fun but not a true expression of yoga.
What does a yoga body look like anyway? 
My hope is to move beyond the stigma of what Yoga looks like and help you to find out what yoga FEELS like, to find a yoga expression that is functional, purposeful and true to the needs of your own body.
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Let’s break the notion that yoga is for the flexible.  Yoga is to help the inflexible find flexibility both mentally, emotionally and physically.   To make yoga available to EveryBody, not just the young, the limber, the strong. 
Sure these pictures are impressive, contortionistbut do they really help get people to the mat to practice or to sit back and observe you? 1010453_141244719409590_79250241_n
What if you never saw another photo of a teacher on his/her head or twisted up like a pretzel, but heard stories of strength and healing and flexibility and openness? 
Would you be more likely to walk into a yoga class? 

What is your YogaExpression?  Share it with the world!



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