Reflections on our Reflections

Reflections on our Reflections
Reflections on our Reflections
images-9We all have the ability to Sense energy, but many of us lack the awareness of self, and it is thru this self awareness that we can tap into our innate ability to accurately sense energy. 
For just a moment, listen to the sounds around you, both inside the room and outside.  Don’t try to identify it just sense it.  What about fragrances, do you smell anything?  Touch, can you feel the clothes resting on your skin, your hair on your neck or face, maybe a gentle breeze made by your breath.  Can you sense the parts of your body resting on the earth, or the chair? Bring awareness to any taste in your mouth.
Now with your eyes closed, bring into the minds eye something you saw today that made you smile.  What picture came to your mind? What did it look like?  Feel like? Were there any emotions attached to this visualization.
This is also the place where we can sense and feel energy.  In order to sense it accurately however you need to be an empty vessel, otherwise preconceived ideas and emotions will get in the way of accurately interpreting the energy around you.
Just as tension gets in the way so do our thoughts. Talking talking talking only inhibits our ability to accurately read and interpret the energy being received.
The emotions that are attached to our thoughts work like a magnet and draw similar emotions into our physical body.  A simple shift in thoughts can help create a better space.  We can also sense energy thru touch, sight, hearing, smell, feelings thoughts and physical sensations.  You have to pay attention, observe others and be silent, trusting what arises. 
It is not necessary to let the negative energy of others affect you.  You have the choice to either be brought down by others or help shift the attitude of those around you.
There are many people who look at the world only as it affects them, diminishing the relevance of their effect not only on the world around them, but also on themself.  In this space there is a lack of awareness of other peoples feelings and reactions created by their own actions. More importantly most people lack awareness of their own physical body.  This awareness is essential and the place we will begin as we reflect on our reflections.
The mind body functions is an easy concept to understand – or is it?  We are all aware when the body does not feel well, or is pain. 
When our mind is not in the body, the body tends to have a mind of its own.  This lack of awareness in the physical body creates functional amnesia, which in turn leads to dis ease ie pain.  Such an easy thing to blame old age or genetics, but why hand over that power and control.  Take responsibility, reclaim and begin today to heal your body. 
The loss of ease of movement does not have to be something you must learn to live with as you age.   It is not a curse of old age, but the curse of mindlessness, lack of awareness.  All it takes is recovered awareness to help you age gracefully.
I have recently been introduced to a new term, sensory motor amnesia.  I like this descriptive term to our growing lack of awareness in our physical body.
Our nervous system is forever responding to stimuli around us, with very specific muscular reflexes.  Over time these reflexes become habitually contracted, in a constant state of holding with out our conscious awareness.  We therefore lack the ability to release or relax them voluntarily.
We are all familiar with the idea of forgetfulness or memory loss as it relates to the mind, but have you ever thought about how it shows up in the physical body?
It is no secret that one cannot separate the mind from the body, yet this is a much easier concept to say then to actually put into to practice.  I liken this forgetfulness to lack of awareness, both mentally and emotionally equally diminishing our self image, Who we are, what we have experienced as well as our abilities.  All of this resides not just in the mind, but in the body as well.

This forgetfulness, or lack of awareness has little to do with age, as it can begin at any age.  It is more the accumulation and buildup of learned responses and an increase in the habitual lack of awareness thru a lifetime in the body as we adapt to life events.  We must first becoming aware of our physical reactions to the stressful and challenging demands of life, before we can become effective in maintaining the health and well being in our body.  Education in Awareness is key.

If it is learned then it can be unlearned, it can be avoided and most importantly it can be reversed.  One must first become of aware of the learned holding pattern and reprogram the body by becoming self-aware.  As we continue our work with body awareness, reflecting on our reflections, we can change the way we live, our belief and thought processes and gain control as we take responsibility for our actions, responses and consequences with in the body.  As we become more body aware, we will be able to see how our own experiences create and affect our body and our life.

As we grow older, wiser and more mature it makes more sense that our bodies and our lives should improve, yet we have become so conditioned that as the body ages, the body slows down.  I believe the opposite is true.  As we slow down the body ages.  We get so locked into holding patterns in the physical body, afraid of letting go, of exploring what it is that is restricting our freedom of movement, our ease of being in our body.  How empowering it is to know that you hold the key, yet how many of us hand over that key to a surgeon who convinces us that there is a structural issue, yet they never address the functional, muscular holding patterns.  We recover from the surgery, still in pain, often worse then before only to be told there is nothing more that can be done, or they continue to offer more surgery.

As I continue to explore this idea of lack of awareness, I think you will see how it is one of the main causes of structural malfunctions in the physical body.  Not as we have been conditioned to believe is a sign of aging.  Damage from this lack of awareness builds, I see it daily in my classes, as well as when I people watch.  I myself am not immune to it and my hope is as I grow in my physical awareness of these less obvious holding patterns, I will be able to impart this knowledge to you.  Not just in recognizing them but in unlearning and reeducating the body.  My body, and your body.
Join me in the journey of awareness Reflections on our reflection as we look at yoga Beyond the Asanas.
Yoga Beyond the Asanas!
Kimberly Hardick
See You, on the mat!

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