In pain and suffering, It is time to Shift and Revise,

In pain and suffering, It is time to Shift and Revise,
Pain and suffering, it is everywhere, but so is joy.  It is our true authentic self. Do you ever wonder how to rise above and become unaffected by the pain and suffering of others. Does this mean we must lose sight of compassion?
How can one not be affected and react to the negative energy while maintaining and staying in a space of peace?

It can be difficult to rise above it, not react, and stay in a place of joy, of love and acceptance.  Avoidance of people, places and things is not always possible. Many of us have to deal with pain and suffering in our homes or the workplace, but we do not have to let it define us.  You can choose which energies you wish to become a part of you and which you wish to release and be unaffected by.

Maybe you are not consciously aware of this ability to sense energy, but it is there.  Your unconscious ability to sense the energy of others allows it to become a part of you, even if you would rather it didn’t. Decisions are often made based upon sensed energy, and staying unconscious of this energy may mean the decisions made may not be the best. It all begins with awareness, awareness of you.

We have an innate ability to sense ……… energy.
Close your eyes and think (visualize) on the things you saw today.
All of this is happening in your minds eye and this is the same place we sense energy.  This is also where we can consciously create a shift, turning negative energy into positive. 
But it cannot happen with out first becoming aware of you, to be aware of your self, in a mindful and conscious manner.
We must first begin by cleaning the glasses of perception that smudge and distort reality.
Like attracts like, so if you are feeling negative energy, you will attract more negative energy from others.  This shift only takes a moment, but at first you may need to practice creating this shift in a safe space, a quiet space, so that you can find that peace, that ease, the moment you begin to sense negative energy.  I would say energy not to your liking, but to often I find that this tendency to navigate toward negative energy becomes an addiction and moving away from it can at times be uncomfortable.  The attention gained thru the retelling and holding on to negative energy has a strange way of feeding the ego, as tho the world revolves around the self. 
Efforts to get even or to punish or simply to hang on to the negative cause more harm and waste more energy keeping you in the past.  You have to first get out of your way and get over yourself so you can begin to let go and move forward, Otherwise you are creating unnecessary tension that creates dis ease in the body
A lack of awareness to your surroundings and the present moment causes an attraction of energy equal to the emotions of your thoughts. These emotions work like a magnet drawing similar emotions or energy from the people around you, making you a reservoir for everyone’s negative energy. Or you can revise and shift the energy.
As you become conscious of this energy and the effects it is having in creating your reality you are then able to begin to make a shift and revise your life.
Once you begin to sense negative energy, relax.  Creating tension only creates resistance and attracts more negative energy.  Relax and visualize a peaceful feeling.  By visualizing the feeling you want, you will not pick up the negative energy.
You may also become aware of the negative energy bouncing off of you as others try hard to bring you down and out of your joy.  It is often easier to find compassion from others for our pain then it is to find true authentic happiness when we are living a full and abundant life of peace and joy.  As you stay connected to joy, you will begin to attract the wonderful feelings of others around you, which only magnify your feelings of joy and in return increase the good feelings of those around you.
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Kimberly Hardick

See You, on the mat!

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