Turning things upside down, right side up!

Turning things upside down, right side up!
































Ever find yourself some where you think you would rather not be, and it turns out it is exactly where you should be?  Today was one of those days.  I was given an opportunity to stay at a boutique hotel in Jaco.  The grounds are absolutely wonderful, in the middle of the rainforest.   The rooms, not so much.  There is an open air living and dining area that had my room been nicer, I would have missed spending the day in nature, with the butterflys, birds and rain.  O the rain, it has poured most of the day.  I ate, a read, I drew, and I napped off and on all day.  Just what the dr ordered.  It is slow season in Costa Rica so I have had the place to myself, with the staff waiting on me hand and foot.  It has been a great day and place to be.  I am on day 3 of no Lexapro, and am revisited by the unpleasant feelings from a few weeks ago.  Nagging headache, aching joints and general malaise. 

I spoke with the owner of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa and he has encouraged me to come a day early so they can monitor and help me thru the withdrawals.  He said these drugs are designed to keep you on them and should never be given in the first place.  I must say I agree. 

I must say again that the support I have received from them has been fantastic and I am so grateful to have connected with them.  The encouragement, compassion and understanding of my situation had brought me a lot of peace.  The treatment began with the first contact.

If you find yourself on these meds and wishing to get off, or are at a crossroads and SSRI’s have been suggestion, please know that there are other options and if my story, my experience can help one person I hope it is you.  Feel free to contact me via email at info @ claynatomy .com or find me on facebook, Kimberly Hardick.  If I do  not respond immediately, know that I will ASAP.

This is a serious situation many are faced, have faced and will face.  I will continue to do my part to raise awareness and help find answers and will come from a place of having been there.

I am there now, and although it is not pleasant, I know I am on the road to healing my body and my mind.  Perhaps all this talk about a chemical imbalance should be looked at with different eyes.  Are the medicines given out like candy the culprit, creating more dependence, more imbalance, more depression, more anxiety, more suicide?

The thoughts in our head about life events, we create, and we can change those thoughts.  The quick fix promised in the form of a pill are only postponing the work that needs to be done.  If in fact they were helping, why is there such a drastic increase in depression, anxiety etc…?  Yet you do not find these symptoms globally, they are regional in nature, found in areas of “advanced” medicine.  Well for me I am taking a step back in time to explore an ancient remedy deemed illegal in the US for many reasons, one reason being the effective use of the plant was discovered by a drug addict.  His desire was a new way to get high and what he found is all his other cravings and urges disappeared. 

With addictions being at an all time high, I think it is time more become aware of the benefits of Iboga.  I cannot wait to share my experience and success!  Tag along!

I am about to turn my world upside down!

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