Iboga micro dose

Iboga micro dose



Day 1

Imagine being told, we are going to get you feeling fantastic in a few days, especially when you cannot remember the last time you felt fantastic except for moments here or there.  But an overall feeling of not just good, but fantastic!  Skeptical?  Not at all.  I am hopeful and full of gratitude to be where I am today.

The micro dosages started this morning, and there is discussion to keep me on these micro dosages for 5 days or do the iboga flood.  I am curious about the experience and the ceremony with the iboga flood, but I am here to heal and do what is best for my body.  Having not experienced either, I am leaving it to them to decide.  There is some concern about liver function and whether or not it will be able to do the job it needs to do with the iboga flood. Keep in mind, 16 years on this medication.   But until they decide they are going to keep me on the micro doses.

I woke up feeling like I had the flu, aching back and muscles and joints with a slight headache.  But since taking the iboga, my body is not hurting.  I feel very flushed, which is part of the detoxing process.

From what I am understanding, the micro doses help to flush the toxins, what ever they may be, for me it is SSRI’s, out of the body.  SSRI’s are stored in the fat, muscles and organs.  Makes me wonder if my porcelain gallbladder and appendix I had removed 2 years ago may have been from the Lexapro.  They are feeding me fresh fruit, smoothies, (the pitcher I am to consume this morning is mango, mint ginger and yogurt.  The coconut water is much better then back home, as it is fresh, no preservatives.   Thank goodness, as I have to drink a pitcher of it today.


I was given an article about the other “inactive” ingredients listed for Lexapro. 

What does inactive mean?  It means that these ingredients are not the primary chemical in the drug. Harmless?  I will let you decide.

Lexapro ingredients exposed

  • Propylene glycol: In its industrial form, propylene glycol is used in anti-freeze and brake fluids. The pharmaceutical grade may also be used in certain types of antifreeze as well as a wide range of cosmetic and food products. Despite its use in cosmetics as a skin conditioner, it’s been linked with skin reactions including dermatitis and hives. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) also lists this ingredient as having a moderate risk for organ toxicity. (1)
  • Propylparaben: Used as an antifungal preservative, propylparaben is listed as representing a “high overall hazard” for human health according to the EWG. (2) At least one study has suggested a link between propylparaben and the development of breast cancer, and the EWG also notes that the additive is associated with developmental and reproductive health risks as well as allergies and immunotoxicities. Propylparaben mimics estrogen and may act to disrupt the endocrine system.
  • Methylparaben: Also used as an antifungal preservative, methylparaben has been associated with allergic and immune responses in individuals who are paraben-sensitive. Like propylparaben, methylparaben also mimics estrogen, which makes it a potential disruptor of the endocrine system. (3)
  • Titanium dioxide: Recently classified as a “possible carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), titanium dioxide is used as a whitening agent in Lexapro and other drugs. It’s widely used in a broad range of medications and cosmetics — even vitamin supplements. (4)
  • Croscarmellose sodium: Usually derived from wood pulp, croscarmellose sodium is used as a filler and also to aid in the absorption of medications in the intestine. It has a marked ability to absorb fluids, and in some sensitive people, it may cause stomach discomfort and even bowel blockage. (5)
  • Magnesium stearate: Linked with the development of both kidney stones and liver disease, magnesium stearate is often found in combination with hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which means that it also carries a fairly significant risk of pesticide contamination. (6


So here is to 16 years of daily toxins I have put into my body and as of today, beginning to flush them out of my system.

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