Checking in

Checking in

I seem to have left you hanging!  After almost 5 months of being off of SSRI’s I am here to say all is well.  No it is better then well, it is great.  If you remember the longest I had made it in the past was 6 months, and I felt I had no choice but to return to the medication.  This time, I believe it is because of the iboga, I am not having any symptoms that lead me to believe that I will ever need to return.

All of the negative side effects such as brain zaps, swooshes, mood swings were in moderation compared to last attempts and I can say with out a doubt that I am more focused, present and in touch then ever before.  I am cooking again!  Hard to believe, but it is true.  I am finding I am focusing more to the details of my art and really enjoying the process, as opposed to only looking to the finished result.  I have much more balance in my life and am happy.

I really believe it is all because of the iboga!

Here is to life with out SSRI’s damaging my mind, my body or my spirit!


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