Greater Stability

Greater Stability

shapeimage_1-24The ankles and knees are considered power and propulsion joints and are easily injured as they are on the receiving end of the force of movement.  They represent the flow and motion of life, whether it be full of grace, a bit spastic or maybe even disjointed.

The ankles allow you to stand upright and walk.  They reflect the support you depend on not just from others but also from your inner guide, (beliefs and convictions).  When challenged, doubted or questioned, you may fall if your internal guide, or sense of being is weak.

The ankles allow flexible movement, but are also weight bearing so problems could stem from carrying around to much emotional or physical weight and lack the flexibility for the direction you are moving.  Maybe you are holding on to emotional energy and resistant to let go creating a conflict about not only the ground upon which you are standing on but support for where you are going.

Today as we move thru our practice be mindful of exploring and using the full ROM of motion with in your ankles.  Keep the arch of the foot activated as you lift your toes to strengthen the ankle and the foot, pada bhanda.  Make sure you articulate evenly thru the ball of the big toe and the little toe, paying close attention to your tendency to roll your foot in or out, Invert or evert.

As you leave the mat today, be  mindful as you move thru out your day of the role the ankles play in your daily life.  The ankles can become chronically tense and interrupt the flow of life thru them and as we lose flexibility and grace they become more susceptible to injury.  It is important that we keep them strong.  Vitality and flexibility in our ankle represents an open, giving and free flowing way of being in the world.

We are working on building a strong foundation in our yoga practice with the intention that this new found awareness we will be able to find greater stability and ease of movement as we move thru our day as well.

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