Hip Adductors And Flexors

Hip Adductors And Flexors

shapeimage_1-27To feel the muscles in action, come to an easy-seated pose, Press down on the knees while trying to lift them, this will lift the low back and tilt the pelvic bowl forward…. say hello to your hip adductors and hip flexors.

In the west, todays athlete spends more time sitting, squatting, lunging and this can cause a decrease in the length and flexibility of the hip adductors and hip flexors.

Often times  injury to this part of the body is felt in the groin.  I see so many of today’s athletes with weak core, which is so surprising to me.  The strength then must come from the quads and the hip adductors, which puts strain on the weaker counter parts, the hamstrings and the abductors.

Hip adductors are responsible for external hip rotation, hip adduction, hip extension, hip flexion and transverse Hip adduction, which is so important for fluid safe movement in many of todays athletes activities.

footballYou can see the lineman in the center of the photo is in a transverse hip adduction stance.  Often todays athlete is focused on ways tocreate strengthen in this muscle group.

Squats, lunges, knee lifts etc……..  Over time that muscles gets shorter and loses what little flexibility it had and increases the risk of injury in the form of a tear or pull.  This muscle group needs to be lengthened as well as strengthened and if your practice does not include quad stretches that also lengthen the psoas as well as heart openers, it is time to reevaluate your practice.  A practice strong in forward folds only increases the risk of shortening these muscles.

File-Anterior_Hip_Muscles_2Too often hip adductor stretches are ignored and todays athlete needs to bring them  into the practice.  A locked up pelvis in todays athlete is a good indicator of tight adductors.  The inability to tip the pelvic bowl  forward and backwards is something I see a lot of in Today’s Athlete.  It is not that they don’t know how to do it, they literally have NO movement there.

There are many effective ways to release the pelvis and help to lengthen the adductors.


Wide legged forward folds

dancer pose

runners lunge ……. to name a few.


Free up your hips!  Decrease your risk of injury!


See you, on the mat!



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