247948_1819129435449_1156551997_31586062_5854672_nMy intention is to break the notion that yoga is for the flexible.  Yoga is to help the inflexible find flexibility both mentally, emotionally and physically.  I am frustrated daily by yoga magazines and studios that focus on the lean, limber “yoga” Body while performing asanas that are created a feeling of fear to even attempt the practice. 

What does a yoga body look like anyway?  My hope is to move beyond the stigma of what Yoga looks like and help you to find out what yoga FEELS like, to find a yoga-expression that is functional, purposeful and true to the needs of your own body.


What is your YogaExpression?  Let’s find out!

Kimberly is a yoga teacher and body worker (read her story) with over 10 years experience and continued learning in anatomy and integrative Therapeutic Stretching.  The mind body skills she shares are scientifically validated techniques aimed at Self Care and self awareness in individual or group settings.


She describes her work Integrative  Therapeutic Stretching as body Scripting, helping others recognize and rewrite the holding patterns and movement memories that creates disEase in the body. 

The purpose is to find joy in movement. Not just any movement, but pain free, purposeful, mindful and balanced movement. A movement that is not only functional but contributes to the health and ease in the body. We are born with it, and as life happens we develop holding patterns and muscle memory that are not always in the best of interest of balance and ease in our bodies. Many holding patterns are learned while others become an instinctual reaction to the stresses of life.
Over time these holding patterns become so ingrained in our movement memory that we are not even aware of them or the long term consequences to the health and ease of our body.
We lose the ability to recognize or sense our movement patterns until they show up as dis Ease in the body, a thrown back, injured hip or knee etc…..
Proprioception is our ability to be aware of our spacial orientation and is located deep within the intrinsic muscles of the body. The more out of touch we become of our spatial orientation, the worse our posture and holding patterns become.
The movements to strengthen proprioception are small and the results may not be jaw stopping when one looks in the mirror at the gym, but the long term results will have big pay offs. Effort must be placed on unlearning. Forgetting what we have learned and remembering what we have forgotten, which is to be at ease in the body

We can’t change reflexes simply by stretching, we have to first become aware, forget what you have learned and remember what you have forgotten, to be at ease in your body.
Holding patterns are muscle memory and like any memory, reside in the brain. Body Scripting require that we forget what we have learned and remember what we have forgotten, to be at EASE in and with our body. As we become more body aware, more body conscious we can begin to rewrite the holding patterns and learn a more functional balanced way to be in the body. This is Body Scripting. It is important to remember that muscles and ligaments adapt to conditions that they are repeatedly put into and this then creates a new muscle memory and thus creates a holding pattern.
We all walk into the classroom with a different story, how can we be expected to practice a one size fits all yoga unless we all have the same story. Tight muscles don’t keep themselves tight, it’s your brain that keeps them tight and this is reflective of our life story.

 Learning to use the body in a more functional manner will lesson tension, and DisEase. As we Break it down to the cause and build it up from the source.  This is BodyScripting