“Had my first Integrative Therapeutic session & it was unbelievable! I had no idea that your body could have body work that way. Kimberly opened my eyes to new ideas & moves. I still feel the the effects of being very open after 4 days. Certainly do it again & learn more.”
Sara Kennedy-Mele,  Pilates “in the Barn” , Alpine, Tx
Thanks so much for sharing your relaxation tips with us.  It’s is always good to take some time and be “in the moment.”  My staff realy enjoyed the class and were very appreciative for the presentation.
Have a great day!  And Thank You!!! Sheril Z. Appel, M.A./CCC-SLP Director of Rehabilitation Services at Cook Children’s Hospital
Your work with Clay is strong and powerful, I was able to make definative decisions about my own path after that workshop. Eyes wide shut and heart wide open, blessed is the influence of one true,loving human soul on another. M. Gill Yoga tescher
Thank you so much for an amazing weekend workshop.  I was not quite sure what to expect, and was very thrilled.  The affirmations as well as the new skills and understandings I took away are priceless.   The physical adjustments and understanding you shared will now be shared by me from a place of understanding and knowing as well as gratitude.  My SI feel better then it has in sometime and that is priceless to me.  KO, yoga Teacher
My Thailand yoga trip was life changing. Thank you, Kimberly. Your energy and inspiration created an amazing experience! Kay
Loved Thai’d up! Thanks for sharing your work with us Kimberly!! Laurie Lucas Raulerson
I slept so well last night, I even had a dream! I am really sore too, in a post massage kind of way. I attribute both to shaking, and believe it needs to happen more often! Thanks, Kim! —Franchesca Fraire
“I have had the pleasure of witnessing the growth and development of my students as a Thai massage practitioners.  With dedicated study they honor the ancient art by bringing great enthusiasm and respect for the traditions to their work.  I am pleased to see them carrying on the traditions of Thai Massage as an instructor.”
- Martin Misenhimer
Bought a Teardrop support pillow from you last year at the Texas OneYoga conference.  I love it!  Esp great for airplane rides, meditation, and opening up the chest, upper back.  Am interested in getting a second one for a friend and maybe a spare one for me.  Please let me know cost and s/h cost assuming they are still available.  Thank you.Dr. Kathryn Young, Oklahoma City
I was very impressed with your yoga skills, and feel you would be able to offer a great deal to my patients. Susan K. Linder, M.D., P.A
Kim, I felt so WONDERFUL yesterday and today. I want to do this session at least once a week when you get back. It really helped with my pain. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the session yesterday.  PJ Johnson
I began my own personal stress resilience program a little over a year ago, and this is where I met Kimberly Hardick.  She owns Aledo Yoga in my hometown of Aledo and is very passionate about her work and how it impacts individuals on a both psychological and physical level.  She is very conscious of and respectful of the individual differences participants may have and has been very devoted and creative in finding ways everyone can reap the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Joyce Hood, MPH, RN, COHN-S Director, Occupational Health Services Cook Children’s Health Care System
 Thank you Kim for the awesome work shop. You made a believer of me! I will be promoting Back Health in my journey now focusing on dis ease in the western body culture. The knowledge empowers me. Namaste. Melissa Gill
Kim, Thanks for the Nia class today…..wow, what a workout! It’s certainly an enjoyable journey outside the ordinary and offers a little something for everyone.  We all have our favorite dance within Nia…Think I’m loving restorative yoga best right now! See you for Thursday’s restorative class…need to re-visit the breathing, pranayama & foam tubes around the rib cages…loved that class & especially the ice cold cubes you placed into our hands upon our final resting pose.   MA
Everyone was so nice.  I am so excited to be back, I need this more than you can imagine.  You really were meant to do this and it shows in your dedication to the studio and your students! PJ
thank you from my heart for the way you welcomed me in today, I am blessed to know you!just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading the information you are including in your emails.  I am very surprised that I can find like-minded people with similar beliefs and interests here in Aledo.  Anyway, thanks for bringing a new light to Aledo. PC
I think you are doing great things for Aledo with your new studio.  I hear good things from other people as well. GK
Thanks and good luck with everything.  I think what you are bringing to
Aledo is wonderful. TP
I’m going through Yoga withdraws! I do it a little on my own but I’m not as disciplined has I would be in a classroom environment CP.
Your classes are such a light in my dark world,   the studio progress, I have been watching like a hawk!  I am wonderfully amazed and delighted with what I have seen!  You should be so proud, your vision is coming to life! I  do appreciate all your help  TO
Kimber I enjoyed both classes today as well as our visit after class.  Thank you  TL
I do appreciate your newsletters and your insights . It has helped me to
get back on my former routine.  Congratulations on the studio and good luck with your personal goals.   I have found some great insights in www.thebestlife.com website  JI
 I just want you to know how much I appreciate your studio – I can’t wait for
your new home.  I’m thankful that I’ve found something that I enjoy and I
feel I’ve made a really good new friend in the process – I think we’re kind
of cut from the same cloth.  TB
your website it awesome!  i love what you are doing with the studio and all of your great ideas.  keep it up!  i am loving yoga and hopefully will loosen up a bit soon.just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much i am enjoying the yogathing.  you and kt are great!  i appreciate you.  SH
I can’t wait to have another Integrative Therapeutic stretching session. What a relaxing experience it was.  I felt as tho I was floating on a cloud!  Thank you for spending a little extra time with me.  SB
I have tried so many different things for my back and this is truly the fist time I have ever felt such a release in my low back.  The stretching and the hands on adjustment are great!  The relief you were able to help me find for my hip and back pain was incredible.  Thank you SL
I love that there are often two teachers in class, one teaching and the other giving adjustments or showing a different modification for my body.  The presence of the teachers in each others class is a nice advantage.  This is the first thing I have found that allows me to relax, fully. DS
I love how friendly everyone is, and truly interested in me.  I look forward to being able to attend classes in your beautiful new space.  What a cool thing you are doing.  JR
I was so impressed with myself,  After only one session I was able to quiet my mind, and just be still!  That is such a stretch for me, and I did it!  I cannot wait to see what else I learn here!   GK
I Love YOGA!  KG
The level of service at Aledo Yoga is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed . Thank you! AL
In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Aledo Yoga and Nia Studio was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work BS

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