It is so important for us to get in touch with our bodies beyond the repetitive linear movement that is creating an imbalance, a shift in the structure and function of our bodies.  Yoga beyond the Asanas, can help bring balance to the body, not by teaching form, but exploring the Asana in action. It is important to explore the Function of the Asana in an effort to share and understand the relevance of the action of the asana.

My hope is that as you gain an understand of the practical applications as well as the relevance of yoga, you will be able to find a particular asana you can use and explore to help with whatever maybe showing up in the body.

Presenting yoga in a format that is available to everyBODY and these traits apply not just for the physical body, but the emotional body and the spiritual body.  You can not change one with out having an effect on the other.

It is important to look at the fundamentals of Yoga, exploring intentions as well as the mental side of the practice.  Looking less at the physical aspects, but giving you  tools to use both on and off the mat.  It has become apparent the different story each body holds, and that a one size fits all approach is not helpful.  What is helpful is cultivating mindfulness, Awareness and creating balance in an unbalanced body.